A Well Deserved Death

The issue of whether Echegaray should be killed or not has somewhat enraged my insides. It is not that I am anti-discussion, anti-debate or what have you. I am all for freedom of speech, freedom in debates and freedom in discussions. What I am against is the indecisiveness of our fellowmen.

1994 saw the rebirth of Capital Punishment in the Philippines but this is not the product of the fancy of the President or some other Philippine solon. This is the product of seemingly endless debates both on television and in Congress. This is the product of healthy and oftentimes violent exchanges in opinion between opposing groups and ideologies.

We, Filipinos then, realized that we have to have a final decision because if these debates go on forever, nothing will be accomplished. Hence, both the Legislative and the Executive Branches of our government made the decision to re-institutionalize Capital Punishment in the country. It has been signed by the President and thereby making it part of our constitution. That was five years ago.

Now, when a convicted criminal in the person of Echegaray finally faces death, the debates are starting all over again. The church is making all the noise again as it did in 1994. Opposing groups are throwing passages from religious literature at each other. It kind of reminds me of the local comedy segment, “Ang Dating Doon.”

Echegaray knows that the punishment for rape is death and he still had to do it. He very well deserves his death and his loyal cohorts should have done before he raped his daughter was to make sure that rape is not punishable by death – in our constitution, that is. Unfortunately, they didn’t and he has to suffer the consequences.


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