A friend of mine whom I never thought would join a fraternity, just did. It made me stop for a moment and think of reasons, why in all my almost five years in UP, I never dared accept the challenge of joining a fraternity.

To justify my long term decision, I concocted fifteen reasons:

  • I have a mind of my own – my own ideas, ideals and ideology.
  • I would never fight the battles of others. One moment, he’s your friend, the next day, he’s your worst enemy just because he belongs to a rival fraternity.
  • I love my body, flabs and all.
  • I am secure.
  • I am an angel. Yeah! Yeah! I cheat, I drink and all that but I can never imagine myself carrying a dos-por-dos wherever I go and hitting the first ‘enemy’ head I see or come in contact with.
  • My parents told me not too. My parents knows what’s best for me… most of the time anyways. Hahaha.
  • I’d rather stay home or at the dorm.
  • I wanna feel safe. I wanna roam (alone or with my friends) without worrying about an ‘enemy’ fighter waiting for me, hiding behind the bushes, eager to hit me in the head and earn some ‘points.’ Besides, I don’t wanna be the one hiding behind the bushes either.
  • I am free. Free to think. Free to roam.
  • I read the news. I have read all those poor little neophytes who died in the hands of their brothers-to-be. I have read of all those who have died and got injured while protecting their mother-frat. Worse, I have read about their mothers and how they feel.
  • I got better things to do.
  • I got friends.
  • I am civilized. Yes, I have poor table manners and we don’t have a landline but that’s not what I mean.
  • I am not a masochistic, chauvinist and separatist tweeb.
  • I cannot imagine equating heads with points as in one point if you hit a neophyte and ten points if you hit the leader. Now, look who’s calling who the barbarian.

To all fraternity members out there, it’s not too late! Repent! Repent for all your sins because the end is near. Alien! Alien! To the rest, when someone asks you to which fraternity you belong, don’t just say ‘Barbarian lang po!’ Say ‘Barbarian po!’


3 Comments Add yours

  1. k. m. says:

    rico!! sobrang natawa ako dito! 😀


  2. k. m. says:

    i suddenly missed u.p. though..


  3. Next reunion natin dapat sa UP! Hehehe. 🙂


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