First Week in Japan

We left Manila 19 June 2000 0730H Manila Time and we’re finally here in Japan 19 June 2000 1130H Japan Time. Our first week has been a wonderful week for me. This is my first time to ride a plane; first time to leave Luzon; first time to call IDD… The list could go on forever at kung sinisipag lang ako ay inilista ko na lahat ng first times ko rito.

Except for minor difficulties resulting from changing air pressures (which I believe is normal), the plane ride was a breeze. Inside the state-of-the-art Boeing 747-400, we arrived in Nagano Airport in no time. First impressions of Japan? No security guards. No people in the streets. Brand new cars everywhere. Very few people in the airport. Very few people talking in public places. Well-disciplined drivers. Everything on schedule. If this isn’t first world, I don’t know what is.

A short visit to the City of Nagano made us realize why there are very few people in the streets. That’s because everybody is either at work or in the subways. They have built quite an efficient subway system that makes traveling within the city and its nearby towns a breeze. If you want to get a taste of the Japanese people, the subways is the place to go.

We went to the department stores in search of what else but electronic goods. Cameras and electronics are simply everywhere; digital cameras; APS cameras; MiniDV video cameras; Mini Disk (MD) players, MP3 players and even portable cameras of all sizes and shapes. I could stare at the electronic goods all day but reality finally caught up with me and we had to go back to the center, where we are scheduled to have our dinner.

After the oohs and the aahs came the hard part… classes have started Wednesday and we have started our difficult journey to learn the Japanese language and boy was it difficult.


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