Routinary Life

We’re now on our fourth week and now, I’m starting to feel the pain of a routinary life. Everyday, it’s the same. I wake up early in the morning so as not to be late for my 9:00 class. We have two 10 minute breaks… one at 10:00 and the other at 11:00. Lunch time at 12:00 and at 13:00, factory visit, lecture or another group activity. In the evening after dinner, it’s all shukudai (assignments) and internet for me. What a life?

Although some of the factory visits and group activities can actually be fun, the real fun happens on Friday night, when we party all night in our center’s karaoke and videoke room. All of us look forward to Friday night because for us, Friday means Shukudai-free night (Assignment-free night). A routinary life could be difficult for someone like me who is fresh from college but don’t worry, slowly but surely, I will learn to adjust to my newfound life.

Moving on to another topic, just recently, I’ve had my share of the fun of owning and moderating several egroups at a time. It was fun, really.

An egroup is like an online simulation of a social group (barkada). One person makes a statement and other people in the social group expresses their reaction to the statement and a conversation is formed. It is so much fun to be a member, more so a moderator of an egroup because I get to communicate with my friends even when I don’t actually see them.

One of my egroups, DCS2000, is an egroup of my friends from college. Some of us are now working far from each other but still, it seems like we’re in the same neighborhood. It is such a nice feeling. Another egroup of mine, AOTS Kenshusei, has members from my ‘family’ here in Japan. It boasts not only of Filipinos but also of people from other nationalities namely, Mexico, Malaysia, India and China.

I just hope the fun continues long after we move out of the Chubu Kenshu Center (CKC).

Last Friday, we experienced first hand the life inside a Japanese city (Nagoya City). We had this activity we call a walk rally, wherein we were given several tasks, which we need to complete in a given time. Examples of tasks would be to know how much a kimono costs in a specified department store or maybe, to know what famous food is served in a specified restaurant. I could say that our group succeeded in completing most of the tasks and it was really an enriching experience.

At least now, we will not be afraid anymore to move around a city, where almost nobody speaks English or Tagalog. I will never be lost again. Hehe.


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