Summer Vacation!?!

We only had two office days this week since Monday to Wednesday is what they call Summer Vacation here in Japan. So, what does that mean for us. It simply means we don’t have access to the Internet from Saturday of last week until Wednesday of this week and boy was it difficult. We had to content ourselves with “other” entertaining activities so that we wouldn’t lose our senses due to over-boredom.

Monday marks the birthday of one of our friends here (Ronald) and to celebrate his birthday, we went to this “park on a hill” called Yamabiko-koen. It was like a bonding party of sorts and it was attended by both people from Kyoden and Epson. By the way, it is in Church, where we met the people from Kyoden, so we’d be seeing more of each other for the next three months or so.

Yamabiko-koen is simply wonderful. It is a big piece of hilly land offering spectacular views of the mountains, Suwa city and Suwa lake. What makes it even more beautiful is that we can see the peak of Fuji-san, more popularly known as Mt. Fuji, from the park.

Aside from the wonderful views, there are many things we were able to do while inside the park. We rented a bike and we followed this “bike trek” around the park. We also rode this very big and long slide, where we needed to ride this conveyor belt before we could reach the top of the slide. Now, you can imagine how big this slide is. Hehe.

Of course, always present is the never ending photo-shoots especially that the girls are with us. Whenever we see a relatively beautiful spot, we take photos. Some are even taking photos like there’s no tomorrow.

On Tuesday, we went to Suwa City to see the much-hyped Suwa Lake Fireworks (Hanabi) touted as the third biggest fireworks display in Japan and true enough, it really was beautiful. As the Japanese would say, “Sugoi desu ne.” I just wonder how the biggest fireworks display in Japan would look like. I hope I see it sometime. As in Nagoya, we felt the usual rush to the train station and again, we experienced the “sardine experience” inside the trains. Being the adventurous type, I have no complains. Hehe. It’s all part of the experience.

On Wednesday, I practically did nothing except perhaps wash my clothes and iron them afterwards.

Thursday and Friday mark the only two days of the week, when we went to office. As expected, we had the usual lectures in the morning and the usual assignments/exercises in the afternoon. We’re almost finished with C and I believe next week, we’ll be moving to C++. Exciting!

On Friday night, we were treated to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano-ken. It was quite interesting. For one, we learned that in Japan, only females order orange juice in a restaurant. (Unfortunately, we learned it the hard way. Hehe).


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