Moving on to C++

Week 10! Wow! I can’t believe that I’ve already been in here in Japan for 10 weeks already! Whew! Just the other day, I’ve been going back through my journal and I can’t believe so many things have happened to me in just 10 weeks. Not to mention, I can now do conversational and a few written Japanese! 10 weeks are up, 42 more weeks to go. I’m ready for anything.

For the past two or three weeks now, I have made it a point to call home (Philippines) at least once a week and I do that every Sunday. This way, I am always in touch with my parents and with my family back home. Of course there’s still the emails and snail mails but nothing really compares to hearing the voice of the people you love. Ask anyone who’ve stayed abroad and I’m sure they’ll agree.

Moving on to our technical training, this week marks two important events in our training at ESD. First is our Final Exam in C. Second is our quick migration to C++. Our Final Exam in C was quite a challenge because not only was it a test of our knowledge in C but it was also a test of how quick we can solve problems using C. The hands-on exam consisted of eight (8) problems, which we had to finish in two hours. As expected, none of us finished all eight but at least, it gave us all an idea on how we are as “programmers under pressure.”

Fortunately, we were given the chance to redeem ourselves. We can submit a “better version” of the programs the following day, so we really made the effort to submit a “better than working” program the following day. I just hope our efforts are good enough.

Thursday marked the day we’ve migrated to C++. F-san and R-san introduced us to the wonderful world of object-oriented programming. I have had experiences programming in C++ before but I never realized that I never really programmed in C++. I have used classes, polymorphism etc. before but I was still thinking structure-oriented. That made me even more excited to learn the other features of object-oriented programming.

At first, I thought our book (“Thinking in C++” by Bruce Eckel) was insufficient but I later realized that it was actually good. Not only were we taught the syntax of C++ (as the case is in many other C++ books), we were also thought to really think in C++, i.e. object-oriented programming in C++. The difference between programming using the C++ compiler and programming in C++ was made even more clear to us. Currently, I only know a few features of C++ but already, I am in awe. What more if I learn its other and more exciting features? I can’t wait.

On Friday, I presented a report on Data Abstraction using C++. Although preparing for the report was more like a review of what I’ve already learned in college, my interest never diminished because I was always on the look-out for new ideas and new concepts. True enough, there were ideas that I never knew, more so used before. I believe my presentation went pretty well. I just hope I have helped my fellow-trainees make that shift to C++. Well, only they can tell.

Next week, we’ll be taking up higher chapters in C++. The excitement is simply killing me. By the way, we were also grouped into three groups of three in preparation for our group project. My group mates are Lel and Jon and next week, we will be talking about our project proposal.


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