From Japan with Love

As in the previous week, there really is nothing very special about this week. It’s just like any other week of technical training here at the Murai office of Epson Software Development, Inc. Lectures, reports and quizzes in the morning and assignments in the afternoon. At night, we study for our exams the following day or better yet, watch Japanese TV.

Since talking about work this week would be very boring, I chose to talk about something else. Let’s talk about love. Why? Because on Friday, we had quite an interesting discussion about love (over dinner at an Italian restaurant) and I would like to put my ideas about love into writing for posterity’s sake.

Let me start with my definition of love. Normally, I would say love is nothing but a feeling induced by our sex hormones. This definition would not only apply to people but to animals in general. Unfortunately, telling your love one, “I love you because my hormones tell me so” wouldn’t necessarily end up with the desired result, So I decided to look for a better, more romantic description.

A friend, through a poem, once shared with me that “Love is a feeling, only felt.” I couldn’t agree more so it would make no sense looking for the right definition of love. It would make perfect sense though, to describe the feeling of *being* in love.

Being in love entails the feeling of excitement knowing that every morning, we’re going to wake up to yet another love-filled day with the one we love. With every encounter, we are filled with excitement… eager to know what’s going to happen… eager to know where this “feeling” will take us.

Being in love entails a sense of adventure. We do extraordinary, oftentimes silly deeds, all in the name of love. Not minding the consequences of our actions, we move on doing whatever our heart tells us.

Being in love entails touch. Nothing compares to the touch and feel of the person we love. Every touch excites our senses like no other as it sends electrons running wildly through our veins.

That’s exactly what’s so good about being in love. It is a feeling that may never be explained by reason or logic and yet, we fall into it every so often. Besides, “it is a feeling, only felt.”


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