When the Trainees went to Tokyo

For three days starting October 7, we went on an adventurous and money-eating trip to Tokyo. On Saturday, we visited the land of milk and honey for all techno-freaks out there, Akihabara. On Sunday, we visited the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland and on Monday, we had an ocean adventure at the Yokohama Sea Paradise.

Those three days were like three days of non-stop picture-taking, shop-till-you-drop and stomach-turning rides. To put it simply, those were three days of non-stop fun.

During our trip to Akihabara, I bought my latest toy, that would change my life for the next few or so months. I bought my Sony CyberShot S-50 Digital Camera. I’ve been dreaming for this for a long time already and now I finally have it. This purchase gave birth to the latest addition to my website, the Art Gallery. With this new toy of mine, I can assure you that in the next few or so weeks, you’ll be hearing more about my adventures as an amateur photographer.

On Sunday, we were more excited than usual. What do you expect? It’s our first trip to Tokyo Disneyland. In my case, the best amusement park I’ve been to before Disneyland would be Enchanted Kingdom, back in the Philippines but rest be assured, Disneyland is way much better than Enchanted Kingdom. Besides, Disneyland is known the world over.

One day is really not enough to experience everything in Disneyland but we made sure that we were able to experience all the best rides in Tokyo Disneyland. I can say we were fairly successful except for Pooh’s Hunny Hunt… the latest attraction of Tokyo Disneyland. Minus that, we had a wonderful time with all those amazing rides as Disneyland.

In my opinion though, what really made Disneyland a magical place is not the rides but the closing ceremony. We were treated to a magical parade of some of the most popular characters of Walt Disney. After which, a short but nonetheless amazing fireworks display. It is an experience like no other.

But as you might know already, not all good things last. We had to go home after our wonderful day at Disneyland. But don’t you worry because Monday is going to be yet another wonderful day. This time, at the Yokohama Sea Paradise. What to look forward to? The 107 meter high Blue Fall… the highest in the world.

Monday morning isn’t exactly what we wanted it to be. Mother nature wasn’t very cooperative. It was raining but of course, we won’t let some rain stop us from having fun. Rain and all, we went to Yokohama Sea Paradise.

Since it was still raining, our first stop would have to be covered Aqua Museum. What better way to start a visit to Sea Paradise than with a taste of Sea animals. The Museum has it all. What’s more is that after the trail, we get to see some live performances by some of the cutest creatures in the museum. Besides, this Museum is touted to be the largest in Japan.

And of course, we would never leave that place until we’ve tried the 107 meter high Blue Fall and the 1,271 meter long roller coaster. It’s a good thing the weather cooperated with us in the afternoon. It’s a bad thing we had to go home early or else, we’ll be missing our bus back to Nagano.

Nonetheless, we’ve experienced the two most popular and challenging rides of Sea Paradise. Add to that the entertaining visit to the Aqua Museum. Our trip to the Yokohama Sea Paradise was well worth it.

What’s made our trip bad was that upon arriving in Nagano, I accidentally erased the Memory Stick of my Digital Camera. Thereby, erasing all the pictures I’ve taken since the parade at Disneyland all the way to our visit at the Yokohama Sea Paradise. It’s a good thing pictures before the parade at Disneyland were saved in another Memory Stick or else…

But I don’t consider it as such a big loss. I just told myself, some things are better kept as memories. And sure enough, those were really good memories that I would forever remember.


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