Working on our Memory Game

Before we move on to the next stage of our training (i.e. separation stage), we were tasked to present a project, that would showcase everything we learned from our three-months training under F-san and R-san.

Our group (Lel and Jon) chose to work on Memory Game mainly because of two reasons. First, it is simple. Second, it is even simpler to implement. We were clueless to how difficult it could be. We spend all five days this week working on this project.

From this project, I would like to share with you things I’ve learned.

For the most part, things are easier said than done. Before we started coding our project, I thought we have already planned for everything. We already have a class diagram so that we only have to implement the classes.

We already know how exactly we wanted our interface to be and the design for the interface has already been integrated to our class diagram. Actually, we already know how we wanted our application to look like even before we started coding.

But things really get dirty during the coding period. There are classes that have to be scrapped. There are features that have to be removed. All these just to meet the deadline.

And that’s not all, there are bugs that need to be addressed. Some bugs could really get into your nerves that you’d think of giving up the project all together.

Come to think of it. It’s all worth it. It’s a learning process. Especially when we get down and dirty during the coding period.


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