To my Fellow Trainees

This week being my last week in Nagano (i.e. last week with my fellow trainees), I choose to dedicate this entry to my fellow AOTS-ESD trainees, who have been very critical during my transition period in Japan. So critical that I even cried (a lot!) when the time came to leave them and move to Kagoshima.

I had a hard time thinking of the best way to express my appreciation to my fellow trainees. The best way I could come up with is to thank them by letting them know what I learned from them. So here goes nothing.

Charlotte – Love works, even with the minimal use of words.

Shirley – Caucasians are [generally] more attractive than Asians.

Lel – Love works, even across seas and mountains, not to mention oil fields.

Jon – A man can live with a woman for three months and still do nothing.

Marlon – One can never get too much of sex.

Arvin – It is possible to turn people into vampires.

Emman – It is better to hug a person than to hug a lifeless pillow.

Stephen – It is better to hug a person’s feet than to hug a lifeless pillow.

But of course, you know I am deeper than that. That’s the only problem I have with this online journal. I can’t write everything (as in everything) I feel because of course, I have to reserve some things for myself. Hmmm. Maybe, I should also keep a personal, for-my-eyes-only journal. That would be nice.


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