Farewell, Kuya R

After at least three months with Kuya R, the time has come for him to leave Epson, go the Philippines, get married, move to the States, and start a new life. It is quite unfortunate that he had to go especially now that I’ve just moved to Kagoshima.

His departure to the Philippines means that I would be the only Filipino left in ESD Kagoshima. In fact, in all of the laboratories of ESD, ESD Kagoshima is now the only laboratory with less than two Filipinos. It’s kind of lonely at first but I had to move on.

My transition to Kagoshima had been so much easier largely because of the help of Kuya R. He introduced me to the city. He introduced me to all his friends, mostly Filipinos from Kagoshima University. I wouldn’t have known these Mombusho scholars if not because of Kuya R.

What’s so amazing about Kuya R is that in his last two weeks here in Kagoshima, he, together with some Mombusho scholars, toured me to some of the most wonderful places here and near Kagoshima City. We were able to tour Kirishima National Park, Ocean Dome among several others.

These trips had made me feel more comfortable with his friends and true enough, long after he’s gone, I still go out with his friends. In fact, they are now my friends, too. I’m glad I met them and their company really helps making life in a foreign country so much easier.

In case you don’t know, the apartment where I live now is actually Kuya R’s old apartment. He has lived here for around two years. I really appreciate him leaving most of his things so I don’t have to buy them myself. In fact, I never really needed anything else for my apartment because almost everything has been provided by the company and of course, by Kuya R.

Wait a minute, I hope this article doesn’t sound like a tribute to some dead person. Does it? Kuya R is off to new life and I’m sure he’ll be very happy there. Besides, he’ll be with the company of his beloved wife-to-be. I’m happy for him.

Also, I am not actually saying farewell to Kuya R because actually, we still communicate by email. What I am saying farewell to is his physical presence here in Kagoshima. His presence, which I’ll surely miss.


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