Biking Around the City

One day, a friend, J, asked me if I wanted to go biking around the city. Being the newcomer and all, of course I said yes. What better way to explore the city than with a bike accompanied with a friend who knows all it’s best places. So this weekend, I’m going to bike around the city. Problem is I don’t have a bike. Good thing, she has a friend who’s out of the city and is more than willing to lend me her bike.

I woke up earlier than usual because our meeting time is 8:00 AM. I normally wake up at 9:00 AM. No problem. I arrived at the meeting place, went to the dormitory to take our bikes and there we go, we’re off.

First stop, Sea Fishing Park. Though we didn’t exactly go there to go fishing we still had a wonderful time. Near the fishing park is a long stretch of road dedicated to bikers and joggers. It was wonderful there because for one thing, you get a magnificent view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay. Another thing, we get to feel the cool breeze of autumn. It’s the kind of breeze that keeps you wanting to move and yet prevents you from perspiring.

That’s another thing I like about Japan, I can bike all day without having to worry about the bad smell of perspiration. However, that’s only true during spring and autumn because during summer, it’s hot and humid and during winter, it’s too cold for biking though I still don’t know if that’s true because I’ve only seen Summer and Autumn. I can’t wait to see Winter.

After the Sea Fishing Park, we went to meet another friend, A, who will be accompanying us to this bazaar in a nearby catholic school. There is a problem though, that school in situated on top of a hill. So, what’s the problem there? We’re on bikes. Normally, I would complain and would suggest that we instead take the car but since I don’t like to spoil the day, I didn’t and chose to go there by bike. Besides, nobody’s complaining.

It wasn’t really much of a problem because when we got tired, all we had to do was walk with our bikes and that’s exactly what we did. Not minding the steep ascent, all was worth it. It was my first time to visit a Japanese Catholic school and since the campus is on top of a hill, it offers a commanding view of Kagoshima City and of course, Sakurajima — my favorite volcano.

What’s so surprising about that school is the fact that these kids were taught around five languages other than Japanese. A friend told us that this is one of the reasons why that school is very popular among the rich parents because they want their kids to learn all those languages. Although they were not really very fluent with all languages, at least they understand and can a speak a little of each.

After taking something like a thousand pictures of Sakurajima and the city, it’s time to go back down. Now, this is the good part. I enjoyed biking downhill. For one thing, I don’t have to pedal. For another thing, I love speed and riding a bike downhill gives me exactly that… speed. Though I had to be extra careful because I don’t think my insurance covers bike accident. Good thing though, nothing bad happened to me or my friends on our way down.

Next stop, Kotsuki river. They have build a park along the river so it was rather easy to follow the river by bike. It was beautiful, too. I can’t help but appreciate the fact that even if the river cuts through the heart of the city, they were able to keep it clean and fauna-friendly. I just can’t help but admire these people. They’ve done a wonderful job and I believe that’s true with all the other cities in Japan.

After taking a short break at the Kagoshima Arena, it’s time to call it a day. We were on our way back to the dorm, where I will be returning the bike. After which, I’ll be taking the tram to go back to my place.

What a day? We’ve visited like some of the major corners of the city and surprisingly, I wasn’t tired at all. That day, I was convinced that I’m going to buy a bike. The bike could possibly be the cheapest and the easiest way to travel around the city. Besides, I need the exercise.

So the next time I receive my allowance, I’m going to buy me a bicycle.


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