Online Arguments

This week, I took part in what you might call “Online Arguments.” Our egroups have evolved from your usual online community of friendly chatters to the more mature online barkada complete with all the irks and quirks of the usual barkada.

One can’t help but be amazed by what is going on inside these egroups. I have witnessed drama, suspense, action and of course, your usual nonsense forwarded email.

Now, I am thinking of a way of how I can share with you a piece of the action without endangering the identities of my ka-egroup. Okay, I know. Let’s just call him M.

Note however, that I will not reveal the true identity of M, no matter how much you coerce me to.

M has been my friend for quite sometime now and we are members of this exceptionally active egroup. We were having an online discussion on our finances for a certain trip and there was an ongoing debate on how we are going to divide the expenses among ourselves.

M suggested that we do not just simply divide the expenses by nine but instead use some sort of “socialized computation.” Actually I have no problem with that but at first glance, it appeared to me that I would be put at a disadvantage.

Being the argumentative person that I am, I confronted him (of course, online) saying that I don’t like his idea blah blah blah. I even came to the point of accusing him of being selfish blah blah blah.

Of course, accused of being selfish blah blah blah, M’s expected reaction would be nowhere near positive. He sent a reply to the egroup expressing his feelings about my “violent” reaction. Then and there, he decided not to join the trip anymore.

The argument ensued with the other members expressing their concern about the unlikely turn of events. What have I to do but to share their concern by replying “All I wanted was to have fun in F. It doesn’t have to come to this” or something to that effect.

To cut the story short, we were able to resolve the problem with everybody still more than willing to go to the trip. Funny though because M ended up not going to the trip for reasons not related to this argument.

If only you could read the transcript of what has transpired. I’m sure you’ll be more than amazed. It’s a good thing that now, we only laugh at ourselves every time we remember this online argument.


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