I Wanna Work in America

Training here in Japan makes me all the more excited to work in the States. That conclusion may come as a surprise to most of you but let me explain. I’ve got reasons that you might wanna know.

I’ve been training here for seven months or so and so far, I enjoy every minute of it. For one thing, living here is so much different to living in the Philippines. Call me ungrateful but nothing compares to life in this part of the world. Nothing compares to life in the first world.

For one thing, life here has less worries. I don’t have to worry much about thieves or pickpockets largely because there are virtually no thieves in Japan. I don’t have to worry about leaving things in the train because almost always, I’d get it back. Would you believe that I left my Palm Vx in the bullet train? However, a short visit to the Lost and Found was all that it took for me to get it back.

I don’t have to worry about getting killed in the streets because believe it or not, cars here actually give priority to people and bicycles. Another thing, you’d seldom hear them honking their horns you’d wonder why they placed those horns in their cars in the first place.

I don’t have to worry about bomb threats because there are virtually no terrorists in Japan. Life is so safe here, they don’t even need security guards and in fact, they don’t have security guards. That’s very different from Megamall the last time I went there during the peak of bomb threats in Manila.

I don’t have to worry about dirty toilets because all toilets here are clean and mind you, with an abundant supply of tissue and water. To the Japanese, that’s a given but to us, it’s a luxury. Although some are Japanese-style toilets (i.e. you squat instead of sit), as long as they have tissue and water, that’s perfectly fine with me.

Of course, to every rule, there are exceptions but in Japan, they really ARE exceptions.

Life here is so convenient. I don’t even need a car and I can still go to anywhere I like. How much have I traveled here?!? I have been to at least ten cities including the three biggest… Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. All these visits don’t even require me to have a car. And if ever I’d want a car, I could easily get a good second-hand car for money that’s cheaper than my monthly allowance.

They probably have the most efficient and most widespread public transport system in the world. In my seven months here, I must have traveled more here than in my whole 23 years in the Philippines. You might argue that that’s because money is more abundant here but that’s another story.

24-hour convenience shops are everywhere… even in the rural areas. I was surprised at their convenience shops because they really ARE convenient. You can fax, photocopy, buy bento meals (they would even cook it in the microwave for you), pay your bills, read some magazines (including smut) and of course, buy stuff. Even stockings and boxer shorts, they have it.

Now, you may be confused. It seems like I am very satisfied with my life here. Why would I still want to work in the States? Well, for one thing, my tenure here is only one year and after that, I don’t know what to do or where to go yet.

My reason for wanting to work in the States is simple. The United States of America is undeniably the richest, most powerful and most influential country in the whole wide world. Even Japan looks up to America and I can attest to that.

My Pinoy friends here would argue that America isn’t all that it is advertised to be. They would even hypothesize that after working in the States for some time, I would come crawling back to Japan. They may be right. Besides, what else could I ask for in Japan? Someone to share my joys and sorrows, perhaps? Haha.

But I want to see for myself. I want to see for myself why even Japan, with all it’s conveniences and affluence, still look up to America. I want to see for myself why America is the place to be when you want to excel in the much-hyped “new economy”. I want to see for myself if America is really as good as I imagine it to be. I want to see and feel America.

If I don’t like it. I can always go back to Japan. I hope.

What about the Philippines? Don’t I like to work in the Philippines? Hmmm. I don’t want to sink with that ship but if I’m left with no other choice, I probably will.


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