My Japanese Friend, S

For Friday, I was scheduled to have dinner with Y, T and S. Y and T, I already know from the office but S, I’ll be meeting for the first time.

As it turned out, she was a very pleasant person… very lively. What surprised me the most is that she even brought maps of the Philippines and Canada with her. For first time readers, I’m from the Philippines and T is from Canada. The two ladies, given their names, are obviously Japanese.

After a few more dinners and get-togethers, she turned out to be the closest I could get to having a Japanese friend. We’d exchange emails, both via PC and via keitai (mobile phone email). We’d watch movies though we did it only once because watching movies here in Japan is very expensive. How expensive? You don’t wanna know.

I’d send her emails in Japanese and she’d reply with all the corrections and mind you, there are many. Whenever I tell her I have plans of going somewhere, give her two days and she’d bring me materials I would need for the trip like brochures, price lists etc.

She would regularly invite me for dinner at her friends’ place and we would go to Onsens (hot springs) every now and then. It’s a good thing she has a car so traveling was never a problem. Someday, we’d also go sailing around Kagoshima bay. She and her friends sail a lot, I assume.

If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, I would think she was hitting on me. It’s a good thing she does so we could easily rule that out as a possibility. Besides, I am not ready to have a Japanese girlfriend in the near future. Friend is fine but girlfriend, nope. Well, not yet.

My mom will hate me for this coz she wants me to get myself a Japanese girlfriend just to make sure I’m never lonely here in Japan. Don’t worry, Ma! I have friends here to keep me company and I’m never lonely here.

So, well. And you thought I finally found myself a Japanese girlfriend. 🙂


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  1. Booyah! says:

    Hi! I read that you used to live in Kagoshima, so I thought that you could help me a bit. I am staying in Kagoshima, Japan for 10 months and I am planning to get a cell phone. Back home (meaning Taiwan + Philippines), I rarely make calls (I email people instead) but I believe that I could be sending and receiving quite a lot of text messages here in Japan (what’s the difference between text messages and phone mail in terms of charges and whatnot?) I’ve taken a look at Softbank’s White Plan and Prepaid Plan and do not yet know which one (or any other from other carriers) would best serve my purposes. All the other international students have computers so we would probably email one another unless we need to urgently get hold of one another. So I guess I would only be sending messages.I am looking for a plan that is as cheap as it could get (limited finances, you know). I just need a number to allow people to get hold of me and something to occasionally send messages from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


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