Rethinking my Career

This week, I was supposed to finish my second project but for one reason or another, I wasn’t able to. It made me feel really bad especially that I had to ask for a week extension.

What really makes me feel so bad is that I know that I could have easily met the deadline but because I was so lazy and all, I didn’t. Instead of working on my project, I’d rather do my emails and browse the net.

Well, you can’t blame me. I’m bored with my work. It must be because my second project is just like a modification to my first project. I just had to rewrite some of the functions and classes just to support some added features.

I just hope my third project will be more interesting and more challenging than the ones I already had. At this point in time, I just want something new. Or else, I’ll end up doing my emails and browsing the net again.

This boredom really makes me think for a while if this is what I really want to do for the rest of my life. The last time I asked myself that question, I gave up Civil Engineering and pursued Computer Science. I never regret that because I could only imagine how bored I’d be had I not shifted to CS.

What does this mean? Does it mean I have to make another big shift like what I did back in college?!? If ever I’m going to make that big shift… where to? I’m already doing computers, which I still love so much. Maybe, I just don’t like programming for hardware.

Right now, I’m choosing between two equally interesting fields… mobile internet and web applications. Come to think of it, the former is just a subset of the latter so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Microsoft is pushing it’s .NET, which is a system/platform for creating web applications. Sun, HP, IBM and Netscape have announced similar platforms. What’s so good about .NET (and all other similar platforms) is that it doesn’t care what your OS is (Windows, Mac, Linux). It doesn’t even care what your hardware is (PC, PDA, Mobile Phone).

What does this mean? Say for example there is a Word Processing Web Application hosted by some site on the Internet. You can run this application from anywhere and using any device (running any OS) as long as you’re connected to the internet. Can you now see the potential?

If all these still sound Greek to you, let me go directly to my point. My point is… I want to be part of this emerging technology. I don’t just wanna be your typical end-user. I did not study Computer Science for that. I want to develop Web Applications for any of these platforms.

Maybe, by the time I start working with Web Applications, you won’t catch me in the office browsing the web anymore… I’d be BUILDING the web. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you are not rethinking your career (as in totally branching to another)..I think you are looking for depth in the field that you have chosen. Well, you are not alone..Welcome to the club.


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