The Mobile Net

On one boring day, I wrote this article and sent it to my fellow trainees here in Japan. I modified it a bit to suit my journal.

I said a hundred times before that I don’t like to work in Japan primarily because of the ubiquitous Language Barrier Problem. I simply can’t speak Japanese.

Recently however, after surfing the web (a lot), I’ve discovered that I may wanna work in Japan. Not at EPSON in particular but anywhere in Japan.

My reason? In Japan, we are now experiencing a revolution unseen anywhere else in the world (Except perhaps in the US during the DOT COM revolution). This is the Revolution of the Mobile Net.

Come to think of it, we are at the forefront of the Mobile Net Economy comparable if not eventually bigger than the PC Net Economy of the US.

The Japanese Mobile Internet is perceived to be years ahead that of both the US and Europe and this year, Japan will be the first country in the whole wide world to enter 3G (3G = 3rd Generation Mobile Communications).

NTT (with its 20M i-mode subscribers as of last count) will be releasing its 3G phones in May while the others (J-Phone, KDDI etc) will follow-suit in October. For those unfamiliar with 3G. 3G simply means a faster mobile internet… way faster.

The future looks bright for Japan. The West, spoiled by its Big Desktops and cheap Internet Connections, just doesn’t “see the future” in Mobile. The Philippines on the other hand, is still a sinking ship. Nothing new.

Besides, the Cellular Phone Industry of America is behind both Japan and Europe.

I want to be part of this ongoing revolution and the best place to be in when this happens is in Japan. Well, I guess I just have to brush up on my Japanese and everything will be just fine.

Better yet, I must start doing something productive in this office. Who knows what I might think of next.


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