Happy Birthday, Rico

It’s my birthday and guess what? It’s my first birthday outside the Philippines. Well, everyday here is my first whatever day outside the Philippines. That’s not important anymore though. The important thing is I intend to celebrate my first birthday outside the Philippines with a blast.

I never told anybody in Kagoshima that Feb 4 is my birthday. I just wanted to be mysterious even if it’s only my birthday. Good thing though, friends have invited us to go sailing in Kagoshima/Kinko bay. It’s really nice to have friends who have sailboats. At least, I can be sure that I will be celebrating my birthday with a blast.

Or so I thought. On the day of my birthday, it rained in Kagoshima. Of all the possible days it could rain, it just had to be on my birthday. Oh well, so much for sailing. I guess we just have to move it to some other day… not my birthday. Huhu.

As it turned out, that day wasn’t so bad after all. We stayed in Y’s place and talked for a while. I got to practice my Japanese. Later that evening, we went to this onsen place (natural hot springs), where we got to relax and refresh ourselves. Actually, that was my first onsen in Kagoshima. After that, we went to S’ place to eat some Nabe (Japanese winter food).

Even during dinner, I never told anybody it was my birthday that day. Maybe, it’s not really that I wanted to be mysterious. I Lied. It was more of me not being proud of turning twenty-four.

I should have been a millionaire by now but by the ways things are looking, I am nowhere near that. I must do something… fast… before I reach my prime, which I believe is thirty. I better work on that career plan soon or I’ll end up to be just another face in the crowd.

For the record, I don’t want to be just another face in the crowd.

The next day, I told T that it was my birthday the other day. The others learned about it the next few days. Well, so much for mystery. I have to recognize that I’m twenty-four already and though I may not be a millionaire yet, I would say I’m happy with what I’ve already accomplished.

I really am.


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