Second Trip to Ocean Dome

This week, T, M and I went to Ocean Dome. This is my second time to Ocean Dome but I don’t care. Anywhere far from my boring apartment is fine with me. Besides, I’d be going there with a different set of friends, therefore, a different set of experiences.

Inside M’s car, we were well on our way to Ocean Dome. T was sleeping most of the time so M and I had the chance to have our own little conversation. Knowing how good my Japanese is, you can assume our conversation never left the realms of Weather, Languages and other simple topics.

That’s no problem with me though. I consider every opportunity to talk with a Japanese as an opportunity to learn more Japanese and true enough, I did learn. I am now capable of talking about Japanese dramas and other shows on TV. Now that’s what I call improvement.

Well anyways, we arrived in Miyasaki, had lunch with two of M’s friends and finally, arrived at Ocean Dome. Nothing much has changed since the last time I went there. What do you expect? The last time I was there was only like three months ago. Haha.

First stop: the beach. No matter how artificial it is, it’s still a beach. After the beach, we found ourselves trying out every attraction Ocean Dome has to offer. It was fun.

Later that day, I can’t help but notice T and M enjoying each other. Well actually, I think they are more than enjoying each other. I don’t know if it’s just me or they’re really enjoying each other. Well, for the purposes of this article, let us assume they are really enjoying each other.

Note: In the previous paragraph, “enjoying each other” was mentioned more than thrice. Sorry I can’t help it. 🙂

I, the odd man out, couldn’t help but tell myself, “Three’s a crowd. Three’s a crowd.” So, I have to give way. Being the understanding person that I am, I have to move out even if it would mean being alone.

It’s a good thing I have no problems being by myself. All I need is my trusty digital camera and surely, I will have a good time and I did. I took pictures here and there, went to every corner of Ocean Dome and took pictures of everything I see.

Time’s up. I already have a picture of the Dome’s every nook and cranny. It’s time to meet them again so I went to our base… the place where we put our things and not surprisingly, they were not around. Ah hah! I knew it. I just knew it.

So I just went to the waters, stayed at some strategic location where I can always see our base and waited. After around one hour of waiting, they finally came. From where? I don’t know and I don’t wanna know.

So, what’s the next best thing for me to do? Should I take the role of the bad guy and put an end to their precious little time together or should I just wait some more and give them another hour or two.

Hmmm. I was already tired of being alone so I chose the former.

Well eniweys hemmingweys, what did I learn from this experience? On my second trip to Ocean Dome, I learned how difficult it is to be the odd man out. In Manila, I was what you might call “MH” = Malaking Hadlang (Big Obstacle). I was the MH that prevented T and M from having the most of their precious little time together.

I’m not worried though. I still had fun and I still have my pictures. 🙂


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