This Friday, I drank beer and shochu (Japanese rice wine) like there’s no tomorrow and I eventually ended up drunk… very drunk.

It all started at this company farewell party for B. It’s one of those usual Japanese drinking parties, i.e. beer… shushi… and more beer and shochu on the side.

B has been a contractual employee of ESD for more than three years now and it’s really sad to see her go. What makes it even sadder is that she’s one of those very few (i.e. two) employees of Kagoshima who can speak fluent English. Her departure means I have one less person I can talk to in English.

I wasn’t really drunk at that party but I know I was already dizzy. What really hit me was all that shochu at this barbecue party at T’s place. It could be that two drinking parties in one night was just too much for me. It could also be that I miss being drunk and I really wanted to get drunk. It’s more of the latter.

How drunk was I? I puked at least twice and each time, there’s a casualty. It’s either someone’s pants or someone’s shirt… or someone’s carpet. I guess T would have to bring his carpet to the cleaners the next day. I’m sorry. 🙂

All I could remember was that I never stopped saying sorry to everybody. The others left, I ended up sleeping on T’s bed and T ended up sleeping on the floor.

The next day I was surprised I had no hangovers whatsoever. I actually felt good. Must be because I’ve successfully gotten rid of all the liquor in my system with all those vomiting. Later that morning, T happily informed me of one strange thing I did that night but I’m not going to tell it here. Some things are better kept unsaid.

For some strange reason, it feels good though. I consider it adventurous to break from the ordinary once every so often. I consider it wise to be “unwise” once in a while. I consider it healthy to sometimes lose control and let all that alcohol dictate what you should do.

I love beer.


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