T Goes to Korea

From Wednesday to Friday, T, together with a Japanese friend, went to Korea. I was supposed to be on that trip but thanks to my “AOTS Scholarship”, I wasn’t allowed to leave Japan. Oh well.

With his visit to Korea, I was given a preview of how my live would be once he returns to Canada for good and to be quite frank, it’s pretty lonely.

For one thing, I will be the only foreigner in the office and considering the English speaking skills of these Japanese matched with my Japanese speaking skills, I may have to contend myself to being silent most of the time. It’s a good thing there’s email so that in effect, I can still “interact with people.”

Going back to T’s trip to Korea, I realized one thing… I realized that there are many disadvantages to being Filipino in this world. Unlike the Japanese, Canadians and other people from rich countries, Filipinos are not as free to roam around. We need to apply for an entry visa even if we are planning to visit a place for just three days.

In the case of South Korea, Canadians can stay there for something like three months without visa. So all they need are plane tickets and re-entry permits to Japan in case they only have a one-entry visa.

Meantime, we Pinoys, even if we just plan to visit Korea for a day, have to go through all the hassles of going to the Korean Embassy to apply for visa. How unfair!

All this make me want to apply for another citizenship. Preferably a citizenship that would allow me to roam around without the extra work of applying for visas.

Right now, I am considering American or Canadian citizenship. I’m still browsing through the Internet looking for more reasons to apply for a new citizenship. For now, I just have to go through all the hassles and bustles of being Pinoy.

What about you? Are you happy with your Citizenship?


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