The Party that Never Was

This Saturday, Y, S and I were supposed to attend this home party at S’s English teacher’s home but unfortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm, i.e. no party.

Apparently, there was a little miscommunication between S and her English teacher and classmates. The party was really scheduled for March 31 but for one reason or another, S got the impression that the party was on March 10.

This only goes to prove that even with all these information gadgets we have at our disposal, miscommunication is still inevitable.

PC Email, Cell phone Email, Landline Phone, Mobile Phone… we have them all here and quite common at that but still, we mistook March 31 for March 10. I guess it only goes to prove that the message is immeasurably more important than the medium.

Wait a minute! What am I writing here?!? This is undoubtedly boring stuff that nobody would be interested at reading. I’m actually surprised you reached this far.

Well, you can’t blame me cause aside from the “Party”, nothing really interesting or special happened this week. It was the usual sleep-work-eat-work-eat-sleep routine that nobody is really interested in reading.

Actually, I’m just writing this article for the sole sake of completing my Online Journal. My suggestion? Just move on to the next week’s entry… “When Kagoshima met Beppu”.

I guess that would be a lot more interesting than reading about the party that never was. 🙂


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