When Kagoshima met Beppu

This weekend marks the weekend when Kagoshima (T and yours truly) met Beppu (S, L, among others). It’s my first time in Beppu and after that weekend, I don’t think it’s going to be the last.

By myself, I went to Beppu by night bus. I didn’t go with T because he had to go there earlier to attend this big ESD Convention in Beppu. Actually, he was just extending his stay to over the weekend and good for him, the company pays for his transportation fees.

I realized how convenient it was to go to Beppu by night bus. It was just like sleeping in Kagoshima and later on waking up in Beppu. It was like magic.

First impressions of Beppu? Rural, boring and nothing much to do. However, after two days, I realized I was wrong with my last two impressions.

Beppu was fun. There were lots of sites to satisfy my needs to take pictures. Aside from wooden bridges, I also have this fetish for bodies of water and high places. Beppu has them all and quite in abundance at that.

For bodies of water, they have Beppu Bay and Shidaka Lake. For high places, they have Beppu Ropeway, which is actually a “train service” that travels up and down a mountain. On top of this mountain, one can see both Beppu City and Oita City… not to mention the Bay, the Lake, the Mountains and nearby villages. One word: Breathtaking.

Not only can Beppu boast of its mountains and bodies of water, it also has quite a fun nightlife. S and L took us to this place called “Hit Parade” and much as I’d hate to admit it, there was no place like that in Kagoshima. At least, none that I know of.

One only has to pay 3,500 yen and you can eat and drink all you can. Add to that a live band, singing 50’s and 60’s American songs to complement the 50’s and 60’s atmosphere. We even met one of the members of the band because as we have guessed, he was Filipino.

It was fun but then again, we had to go back to our normal lives, i.e. work. So, it’s back to the night bus for us. Inside the night bus, we slept while we were still in Beppu (actually, it was Oita but who cares?) and later on, woke up in Kagoshima. We’re home.

I’m going to miss those girls.


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