Sailing the High Seas

I am not what you might consider a hardcore mountaineer slash adventurer, who’d stop at nothing to climb the highest mountains and sail the highest seas but what do you expect? I’m supposed to be a computer scientist.

But most certainly, I’d never turn down an opportunity to experience the life of these adventurers even for at least one weekend.

And this weekend, I did. Aboard a 7-foot long sailboat, we sailed across Kagoshima Bay coming from the southernmost top, Ibusuki, all the way to the northernmost tip, Hayato… passing through the scenic views of Kagoshima City and the ever active Sakurajima volcano. The volcano, by the way, is a constant reminder that we are still in Kagoshima.

If was a full 8-hour trip from 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, most of which was spent looking at nothing but water.

I enjoyed it especially when the wind was strong and we didn’t have to use the engine. During those times, it’s like a given that nobody should speak… everybody should just listen… listen to the sound of the waves.

The sound was so enchanting I could almost write an article but I didn’t really wanted to do that. All I really wanted to do was to listen and think. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But of course, the wind doesn’t always blow when we want it to. This is the time when we turn on our engines and listen to the ugly sound of the motor grinding through what is supposed to be the enchanting sound of the waves. Oh well, whoever said we could get everything we want must be dead by now.

That day, I had an 8-hour experience on how it is to be an adventurer… in Kagoshima speak… a bokkemon. It was fun but I still don’t see myself being a full-time sailor. It’s hard maintaining a sailboat… cleaning it all the time and making sure everything’s A-OK.


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