Miyasaki Escapade

This week, it’s Miyasaki for us. Miyasaki, together with Kumamoto, are the two nearest prefectures to Kagoshima so going there is no problem, especially if you have friends who own cars, which fortunately, I do.

We are going to Miyasaki basically to visit S’ mom but of course you know that’s only one of our many agenda. We also went to view parks, Pacific beaches, Samurai towns, rivers, among other places. Of course, we also had to have our taste of the local food. Exploring Japan is slowly becoming one of my favorite weekend activities.

On the way to Kirishima, we made a brief stop at this view park just along the high way. It’s really amazing how easy life is for Japanese travelers. There are parks along the highway for them to take a break from driving all over the place.

Not only that, they also have a lot of 24-hour convenience stores, which amazingly, all have toilets and wash rooms. So unlike Manila, people here have no reason to take a piss just anywhere they want. Wherever you go whenever, there are convenience stores. Therefore, wherever whenever, you’re sure to find toilets and wash rooms to do your stuff.

Which reminds me, I should someday white a really long article on what I believe would be good for the Philippines based from my experience of living in Japan for at least one year but that’s another story.

Going back… with S, a native of Miyasaki as our tour guide, we were well on our way to visiting all the notable places in Miyasaki… from historic Samurai villages to modern-day hotels and of course, the ever-in-the-agenda… the hot springs.

The Japanese have this thing for hot springs that they make it a point to end a day’s travel with a visit to the local onsen, as they call it in Japanese. I don’t blame it. Onsens really are a very relaxing and refreshing way to end a busy day.

There were so many places we visited during those two days that this article is not enough to describe all of them. I would suggest you look at the pictures we’ve taken. With our trusty digital cameras, we never fail to capture scenes and moments that we hope, would help us forever remember our trips.

To name a few… a ramen house on top of a hill with an view of Hayato town… a vast cherry blossoms park situated on the slopes of a hill near a modern-day hotel… an outdoor hot springs offering a view of a nearby village… a historical site, where centuries-old Japanese relics and artifacts were found… a coastal road with the Pacific on one side and lush hills on the other… a Samurai village where you can still see old Samurai houses and their defenses… not to mention where we slept, S’ Mom’s home, which could easily fall under the category of traditional Japanese home.

The list goes on, thus making this trip one of the most “dense” trips I’ve made when you consider the ratio between the places visited against the number of days.

I love traveling.


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