First Impressions

Last week, two new foreigners arrived in Kagoshima. What used to be a Japanese office with two foreigners is now a Japanese office with four foreigners.

Going further down in history, the first time I arrived, there were three… one left for the states leaving two…. one went home to Canada, leaving one… a new one came in from Canada and again, there were two. I went back to the Philippines leaving one… I returned from the Philippines and again, we were two. Finally, the two new trainees came in bringing the number up to four… probably the highest in my short history in the office.

Rico, what’s all the fuss, you might ask.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know either. It’s just I’m running out of topics to write about I am now writing about silly stuff like this.

If all these foreigner speak is starting to bore you, let us spice it up a little. Allow me to write about my first impressions about the two coz as it turns out, my readers like reading stuff about my first impressions about people I meet. Not only that, they also like discussing it with other people even if I specifically told them not to. (Hi, Ms. D)

So to all people who like gossip, which virtually includes all of you otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading through my journal… let me help you in this regard. I am posting my first impressions in my website for all to see. No secrets. No nothing.

Editor’s Note: Ignore the “No Secrets” part from the last paragraph. For sure, Rico still knows how to keep some details to himself and this article is certainly no exception.

Let’s start with the first time I saw them at the airport. An officemate and I were waiting for the two to come out from the Arrival Lobby. Their plane arrives, people started coming out but for some reason, no Filipinas in sight. We waited for another five minutes and still, nowhere in sight which brings us to my first impression: SLOW.

As it turned out, they had to make a brief stop by the washroom to do stuff. OK. They’re forgiven, they’re not too slow after all.

The first time they entered our line of sight, we knew immediately they are the new trainees. Mainly because they are the only Filipinos on the flight and they have this I’m-new-to-this-place-so-please-help-me look. Besides, a friend from Nagano (where they’re from) already sent us pictures so we basically know what to look for.

First impressions about how they look? Nah! I’m keeping that to myself. Let’s just say I liked what I saw. Enough said.

Then, the four of us went straight to our officemate’s car and started our 40 minute drive back to the City. On the way, we were able to have a little chat… getting to know a little more about each other while giving them an idea of what to expect from this new home.

We drove straight to their apartment units where they left their things. Our officemate drove himself back to the office while the three of us chose to walk, basically for them to know the route they’ll be taking everyday for the next seven or so months.

At the office, they were introduced to the General Manager, who gladly gave them a quick tour of the office and its environment. After which, we called it a day.

All that traveling and walking and getting to know the people must have left them craving for food and for their first ever meal in Kagoshima, they chose to get a feel of the local cuisine…. we ate at a nearby Kentucky’s.

While feasting over the world’s most famous chicken, we continue with our little getting-to-know-you chat and out of nowhere… a mobile was ringing and one of the girls suddenly found herself in a delightful conversation over the phone. I quickly asked the other, “Boyfriend?” She gave me a nod and … oh well … Let’s call it a day.

I walked them back to their apartment and that was it… so much for first impressions.


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