Rico Learns To Cook

And who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks? Look at me. Already in my mid-twenties when I learned one basic human skill… cooking. Back in the Phils, everything was served in a silver platter. During special occassions when it’s not, there’s always Jollibee and McDonald’s to provide for a happy meal.

Not that things are any different in Japan. In fact, packed meals are everywhere. Ramen shops galore and the groceries abound with food that can be prepared just by pressing that oh so precious microwave button.

Now, with all these conveniences, you might be wondering how I was able to learn how to cook. It’s actually because of these conveniences that I got the courage to learn how to cook. It’s very easy to learn how to cook in Japan coz in the groceries, there are products that would appeal to cooks of all levels including beginners such as muself.

Everything here is pre-done. Meat is pre-cut. Most meat and fish are pre-marinated. The shrimps are pre-cut and ready to fry. The fish are pre-cleaned and ready to grill. Most food are microwave-ready. You don’t have to worry about doing the dirty stuff. Just have your frying pan (grill or microwave oven depending on the food) with you and you’re ready to go.

Which brings us to the first dinner I’ve hosted where I prepared everything without the help of anybody. I consider this an achievement, that’s why I took pictures for all to see.

Not only was I able to cook… I was also able to gain some progress in food presentation. As they say, if you can’t prepare good food, at least make them look like they’re good food.

Not that my cooking wasn’t good. It was actually delicious or maybe my friends were just being nice. I’d like to believe it’s the former. Besides, the food I served wasn’t all that difficult to prepare. Fry this… grill that… put this in the microwave… cut that. That’s all too it. No sweat.

Just add some lettuce and tomatoes to add color and voila… food!

I actually enjoyed preparing dinner for my friends. Not that I wanna do it all the time. It can be tiring especially when I know I have the option of just buying myself some packed meal, which more often than not, tastes so much better than my own cooking.

Next time, I might just serve packed meals… it’s so much easier to clean afterwards.

Just kidding.


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