Goodbye Angels

The angel’s most awaited day has come… it’s time for them to go home to their beloved Philippines. I said beloved because I know how excited they are to go home. For some reason, they never really seemed to like Japan but let’s not talk about that. They’re home and presumably happy… that’s what’s important.

As a way of celebrating their stay in Kagoshima, an officemate and I decided to prepare dinner for the two. We were able to surprise the angels because they know for a fact that cooking isn’t really my specialty. In fact, cooking used to be nowhere in my short list of skills.

But cook we did. Thanks mostly to D who is pretty good at cooking, I was able to learn a thing or two.

After dinner, we drove to a nearby bowling alley where we played a friendly game of bowling. I didn’t win though.

Too bad I wasn’t really able to spend as much time with the angels as I’d like to. I guess people just have different priorities and we cannot really expect people to be what we want them to be. Coz if that were the case, what a boring world this would be.

Hey, I think there’s a rhyme there somewhere. 🙂


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