Mission Impossible: Swimming

After 25 years, I decided to do the impossible. I decided to learn how to swim. Some people find it unbelievable for a Filipino like me to not be able to swim considering the Philippines is a group of 7100 islands, all of them surrounded by water. I find it hard to believe myself.

I’ve always avoided learning how to swim. Aside from the fact that most of the pools I go to in the Philippines are recreational pools packed with people, I also have this small problem of getting cramps whenever I do try to swim. Add to that the dreams my mother’s been having about me getting into all sorts of trouble in the waters.

But that’s all changing now. I am determined to learn. I bought myself a head cap and a pair of goggles. I found a pool where I can practice swimming every weekend. I have convinced all of my “swimming” friends to take the time to teach me. I’m all set… nothing can stop me now.

I’ve even set a deadline… mid-October. This is when my family and I are planning to go to Boracay. When we go there, I intend to fully enjoy the best beach in the Philippines. I also wouldn’t mind showing off the chiseled swimmer’s body when the time comes to show some skin. Then again, I know that this cannot be achieved in two months so this will be demoted to the end of my list of priorities.

Right now, I’m already on my third week and so far so good. I can already do the free-style though my friends are telling me I may need to work more on my strokes. I can already do 25 meters non-stop though I still get helplessly tired after that. I may need to do some cardiovascular exercises to improve my endurance.

I also do biking everyday to work on my legs so that I won’t get the cramps anymore. I still get the cramps once in a while but I’m working on it. I may also need to buy some weights to work on my arms.

I’m excited already. To me, learning how to swim is like opening new doors that would help me explore this new world. Knowing that three-fourths of earth is covered by water, that is a very big world.

Nah! I just want to have the chiseled body.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    tol natatandaan mo ba ako isa kang gold noong ikaw eh nasa st. paul pa eh ako yung isang student na saksakan ng kulit noong nagaaral pa tayo sa st. paul nakalimutan ko na yung mga madre sa principal eh pero sure ako na isa kang paulinian


  2. Anonymous says:

    tingnan mo nga naman ang buhay ng tao parang isang gulong minsan nasa ibabaw pero darating ang araw na iibabaw ka natatandaan mo ba sila maya,vivien,may,prisca at marami pang student na matatalino sige off na ako pupunta pa ako sa west nirginia eh


  3. Hahaha. Siyempre naman natatandaan ko pa sila. Ikaw Anonymous, anu nga pala pangalan mo nakalimutan mong isulat. Hehe.


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