University Yearbook Entry

I wrote this yearbook entry (with the help of my friend and former roommate Victor) because the guys organizing our yearbook lost (!) the original entry I wrote. Not only that, the yearbook is still (!) unpublished… five years after graduation. What happened to it? I don’t know.

Rico had high hopes upon entering the university. Being a Salutatorian, he thought he would be able to finish his program as easily as he breezed though Highschool… or so he thought. Just like most of UP’s laude wannabes, he gave his all but that elusive laude soon became a “nah forget it” because he flunked the easiest subject in the whole engineering curriculum — ROTC!

After two and a half years in Civil Engineering, he realized he doesn’t want to stay under the sun for the rest of his life so he shifted to the airconditioned rooms of Computer Science. He spent most of his time in front of the computer screen but like most UP students, he knows education cannot be stuffed inside the four corners of the classroom…so he acquired many important learnings outside academics…kanto style debating, drinking alcohol, playing stupid pc games, making life miserable for his gay roommate…all important facets of human existence.

Then came graduation year, the happiest year of his University life… until he realized he’s not graduating. He lacked three units! He had to spend his last term in UP studying NatSci1 seated next to a bunch of freshmen Fine Arts students. He passed NatSci1 and the rest is history.



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