My Fearless Forecast

Originally Posted in Soc.Culture.Filipino

The Philippines’ English proficiency will continue to depreciate and Filipino will continue taking the role of English as the language of power in most of the Philippines. Mass media, including Television, Radio and Newspapers will all be in Filipino with occasional English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese to entertain the tourists and expats.

Metro Manila, with it’s 14 million-strong population, will continue being the biggest and most influential city of the Philippines followed by the 2 million-strong Cebu City. Then, Baguio City and Davao City. Mass media will still be mostly based in Metro Manila and will still be mostly in Filipino with occasional Cebuano telenovelas once in a while (to the likes of “Isabel” of the 90’s).

The Tagalog region, realizing the inability of English as a medium of instruction, will adopt and use Filipino to teach it’s people. Along with this change will be the publication of a lot of Filipino books, translation of key foreign books (not only English but also Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French) and the increase of Filipino educational TV (to the likes of Batibot, Hiraya Manawari etc).

The non-Tagalog region especially Cebu, will continue resisting the use of Filipino and will stick to concentrating on teaching English as a primary language. Cebu will also teach its people Japanese as a secondary language recognizing the increase in Japanese tourists and investors in Cebu.

Cebu will become the Call Center Capital of the Philippines and a Software Development Powerhouse competing with Bangalore and a Tourist Center competing with Bali and Phuket. Most of the employers will be American and Japanese investors.

Metro Manila and other major cities will move on to other key locally based industries and services competing with other non-English (proper English) speaking cities like Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and even Tokyo. Most of the employers will be homegrown companies (to the likes of San Miguel, Jollibee, Smart, Globe, Ayala) and a few foreign investors here and there.

Metro Manila will be exporting Telenovelas and Movies (dubbed to suit the receiving country) to Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian nations. It will have a healthy publications industry and book translations industry. OPM and Filipino movies will flourish and reach its Golden Age.

The English-speaking elite of Metro Manila? They’ll all be migrating to Australia, United States or maybe Cebu. Those who stay will have no choice but to learn Filipino.


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