First Filipino Blogger

Could I possibly be the World’s First Filipino Blogger?

My first “blog” date back as early as 1999 although back then, I just kept my articles in my website and called them “literary works”. Too bad I didn’t put dates so I can’t recall exactly when I wrote those articles. These articles were written well before Blogger, which was started in 1999 August.

On 2000 July 17, I started another set of “blogs” but called them “journals” with “Last Week in the Philippines” being my first entry. My intention was to keep my friends and family informed with what’s happening with me as a trainee in Japan.

On 2004 April, my friend introduced me to Blogger so I created my Blogger account although I didn’t really make use of it until about half a year later. I still wrote my “blogs” and published them to my now defunct website.

Early this year, I moved all my articles to Blogspot and dated them accordingly so you’ll see all the articles I’ve written since 1999.

On 2004 November 30, I wrote my first blog in Filipino, “Ang Turistang Hapon“. I’ve been writing in Filipino since with a few exceptions notably this article you’re reading right now.

Wow. Writing all these makes me nostalgic. I wonder when I’ll be writing my first blog in Japanese. That would be another milestone for me.

Going back to my question “Could I possibly be the World’s First Filipino Blogger?”. I guess the answer would really depend on what can be considered a “blog“.



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  1. hoop says:

    I kinda miss that old tripod site of yours hehehe


  2. Yeah. Kinda miss it too. I still have a local copy so if and when I do decide to upload it again, I’ll let you know. ;-)I do like this blogger feature where readers can post comments. It’s more interactive.I guess it all boils down to which is easier to maintain and Blogger wins hands down.


  3. Grace says:

    i have a japanese blog! but of course it’s not for public viewing– not just yet! saka na kung medyo makapal-kapal na ang guts ko..mukha…whatever!


  4. rt says:

    Post stuff!! ang…la…How did I not learn any filipino hanging out with you so much?Rob


  5. stephen says:

    hahaha^^ so you’ve thought about it pala! You could definitely be the first filipino blogger! poll tayo sa net? hehehe ^^way to go rics! ^^


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