Infected by Google

I am infected by Google.

Almost everything I do now, I do with Google. Even my browser’s startup page is set to Google (Personalized Home).

I “google” the web using Google Search. I search my computer using Google Desktop. I manage my emails and contacts using Gmail. I manage my schedule using Google Calendar. I manage my pictures using Picasa. I read blogs and news using Google Reader. I search for places and businesses using Google Maps. I entertain myself and my friends with interesting clips from Google Videos. I manage my bookmarks using Google Bookmarks. I participate in usenet and other newsgroups using Google Groups. The only chat program I always keep on these days is Google Talk.

By the way, have I mentioned I am also writing this blog on Blogger, which also happens to be owned by Google? 😉

I love the idea of being able to do most of these tasks wherever I go as long as they have a web browser… and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Internet Explorer because Google supports other browsers including my browser of choice, Firefox. I equally love the idea of being able to quickly search all my emails, my contacts, my bookmarks, my chat history, my pictures… and even my hard disk (and yes, it’s much much faster and useful than Windows’ file search).

Google also allows me to store and search my search history but I disabled that feature because I am afraid people might find out the words I search most often are, well, I’ll say it anyways… my own name! Besides, I never really see the need to search my search history. However, the voyeur in me would definitely see the need to search the search history of other people.

And just when I realized how infected I already am, Google is coming up with more and more web services that are sure to infect me even more. Just a quick look at Google Labs is enough to excite the Googlephile in me.

Though if I would make a suggestion to Google, I would suggest they create a web-based financial planning software (Quicken for most people, MS Money for others) preferably something that can import MS Money data. I so want to get rid of my dependence on MS Money to manage my daily “financial activities”. Then again, it’s just wishful thinking. Not very many people use financial planning software anyways and I doubt if Google would like to target that niche market.

But a lot of people do use MS Word and Google has set it’s eyes on them. They already bought the company that owns Writely, a web-based word processing software. Imagine being able to access, modify and manage your documents from any computer, as long as it has a web browser, which basically describes all computers these days. With Google’s impressive record in creating web applications, I’m pretty sure Writely will go a long way. Throw in a spreadsheet and a presentations program and it’s goodbye PC-based office suites (MS Office for most people) for me.

How about you? Has Google infected you already?


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