Should Have Worn Sport-Specific Shoes

Yesterday while playing badminton, I sprained my ankle. The humiliating part of this story is that I didn’t sprain it while chasing a shuttle cock, I sprained it while walking leasurely to the back of the court.

It’s not the first time I sprained my ankle. In the last two years including yesterday, I sprained it at least three times… twice on my left foot… once on my right. Twice playing tennis, once playing badminton. I can therefore say, with some degree of pride, that I am a “sprain veteran”. I know exactly what to do when I sprain my ankle.

First is to cover your ankle with anything cold, preferably a cold compress. If you can, position your ankle such that is placed higher than your heart. This would prevent blood from flowing to your ankle, which I heard is good though I don’t really know why. Of course, you should also go visit an orthopedic just to make sure your joints and tissues are not severely or permanently damaged, for which case, the orthopedic would know exactly what to do.

After that is the saddest part… you just stop playing tennis or badminton or whatever sport for the next two or three weeks… at least.

Some of you might ask, how on earth did I sprain my ankle while walking leisurely to the back of the court! I really don’t know either but I did a little googling and here’s my theory… it’s the shoes.

I was wearing cross-trainers, which I’ve read are not really designed to handle side-to-side movement, which is like the de facto movement when playing tennis and badminton. In fact, I’ve read that using cross-trainers when playing tennis (and badminton) is actually an “ankle sprain waiting to happen”… and happen it did.

Sad as it may be, I would have to say goodbye to tennis for the next two or three weeks.

The “best solution is prevention” is how the cliche would go and as a preventive measure, I decided I should invest on sport-specific shoes. Not only that, I should also consider the surface I usually play on. I should start looking for an “ankle-supporting” tennis shoes specifically designed for omni-surfaces and maybe get another one of hard courts, just in case. If I do decide to continue playing badminton on a regular basis, I should start looking for an “ankle-supporting” badminton shoes specifically designed for indoor wood.

If I still get an ankle sprain, I might consider getting myself new ankles.


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  1. stephen says:

    hahaha ^^ i hope you bought shoes already! buy the gum-soled ones for badminton ^^


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