Google Bookmarks Search Plugin for Firefox

I’ve created a Firefox plugin that you can download so you can easily search your Google Bookmarks from Firefox.

You can download it here. Just click on the “Google Bookmarks” link.

This is only useful for people who store their bookmarks not in their browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) but in Google Bookmarks. People (like me) who want to bring their bookmarks wherever they go.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. rt says:

    cool was this hard to do?


  2. Actually, it’s not that hard. Mozilla has a help page you can use for reference and you can always use other plugins as template. 🙂


  3. MeemaX says:

    Gamit na gamit ko sya hehehe. Syempre na realize ko na hindi pa ako nakakapagcomment at magpasalamat sa iyong ginawa. 🙂


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