It’s Moving Time

I will be flying to Tokyo on the 29th and have one week to prepare. I need to do a lot of things and just hope one week is enough.

First, I need to sell my car. I am moving to an apartment that charges something like 50,000 yen (about 23,000 pesos) for parking space and I am not about to spend that much money on something I know I wouldn’t be using a lot. I’d rather spend the money on a better apartment knowing I’ll be staying there most of my time.

I don’t really have much time so I am planning of visiting T-Up, a Toyota company that buys used cars and see how much I can squeeze from them. If I understood their website correctly, it should take only a few hours to sell my car and get my money.

I also would need to send stuff I don’t need back to the Philippines. I already have my humongous “balik-bayan box” and I just have to fill it and call them to pick it up from my apartment and have it sent to my Philippine home.

I may also have to send the stuff that I actually need to my new apartment in Tokyo. I’m not really sure how much it would cost me so that is the big question mark right now. I may have to give away stuff or better yet, sell them to Hard-Off or other second-hand shops because I may need the money to buy new stuff in Tokyo.

I’ve already canceled my Internet connection, my gas, my water, my apartment and my parking lot. I am selling my NTT line tomorrow and hope I get a good price. Actually, since I am leaving very soon, I don’t care about the price anymore as long as I get money for it, but of course, I’m not gonna tell them that.

I also need to say goodbye to a lot of people, whom I’m really going to miss. I am definitely hoping to still see them, the sooner the better. In fact, a few of them already told me they’ll be paying me a visit in Tokyo so that’s pretty exciting.

I’ll be waiting.


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  1. stephen says:

    Goodluck in Tokyo Rics! Have fun!Nakakapagod na din work dito sa Epson. Kailan pa kaya ako lilipat.meron na din akong blogsite …try to visit me sometime ^^ (photo blog)stephen ^^ miss you guys!sana makapag-reunion tayo!


  2. stephen says:

    mukhang matagal na rin hindi na uupdate yung site mo ha! ^^busy in tokyo? with work o sa chicks? heheheCheers to you Rico! When I saw your archive, grabeh! Kaw lang ata ang blogger na may ganyan karaming blogs! ^^ Hindi pa nga ata blog tawag diyan before. hehehe ^^


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