Lipids and Hyperlipidemia

I am sick.

Just got the results of my most recent medical exam and for the first time in my six year history of medical exams, I’ve been diagnosed to be suffering from what they call “hyperlipidemia“. What does it mean? It just means I have too much fat in my blood.

Not that I’m surprised. My friends from Kagoshima have always questioned why my body fat percentage is relatively high (around 24%) even if I don’t really look fat. They’re afraid that it’s the fats that are invisible are the fats that are really scary.

Now I know where all those fats are… they’re in my blood and if not treated properly, they could cause heart problems in the future.

Scary? Maybe, but don’t worry. I am taking steps to get rid of these excess blood fats. As suggested in my medical exam results, I will give them another visit and see what treatment I can get.

I may also have to watch my diet and avoid fats as much as possible. I also need to get back on my tennis.

Live healthy. Love life.


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  1. sunjun says:

    Are lipids equal to “litid” hehehe ^^

    Good Morning Enrico! I hope you get yourself healthy! Naku! batang-bata pa high cholesterol na! Find yourself a wife para someone can cook healthy foods for you! At hindi nalang parate convenient store or restaurant food. ^^

    Take care! keep us updated! Hope the next exam shows that it’s nothing serious.

    Buti nga kayo diyan sa Japan kasama ang cholesterol test sa annual exam … kami dito you’ll have to pay separately if you want to be tested for that 😦


  2. Sunjun, baka yung medical exams ko sa Kagoshima, wala ring cholesterol test dahil laging perfect score nakukuha ko dun. Hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    must be the stress of moving to Tokyo hehehe ^^ you can add this to your list hehehe ^^

    Good Morning!


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