My Pictures

Just in case you miss me so much and are in dire need of seeing my pictures, this is where you go. This is where I upload all my pictures now.

Picture perfect.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    sino yung girl na parate mo kasama? is she married to the jap/chinese guy with glasses? ^^
    she’s cute! go rico! hehehe

    nice pics! thanks for sharing!
    if I get lucky I’ll be joining you guys in a year! (tagal pa noh? hahaha)


  2. SUN JUN says:

    your little sister’s cute too! ^^

    – where’s tanageshima bay? it’s so nice! galing ng pic! ^^

    and can you please send me a copy of that picture of me writing an onegai about ESD PHILS. hehehe ^^ brings back memories! dame dame! ^^ patay ako nito pag nakita ng iba! hahaha (why is it starred?) ikaw ha!


  3. Explore mo yung features ng PicasaWeb site ko… you can download the pictures in their original quality, you can zoom in to see more “details”, etc.


  4. sunjun says:

    cold naman ng reply. hehehe ok i will. take care rics


  5. Aba… nag-drama pa. Hehe.


  6. Nathaniel says:

    kumusta ka na, rico? ang ganda ng apato mo (yung ba yung may improvised center table?). cge ayoayo!


  7. Hehe. Hanggang ngayon, yan pa rin ang center table ko. Hehe.


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