Philippine Fiesta in Tokyo

For those in Tokyo, something to be excited about…

This weekend (November 11-12), there seems to be a big Filipino Fiesta in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. Expected to be there are Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz, Rachel Alejandro, Mitch Valdez, Side A, among others.

When in the Philippines, these events (except maybe a Side A concert. hehe.) wouldn’t necessarily catch my attention but when living overseas, things are different. I get excited at every opportunity to be reminded of that place I call home.

For more information about this event, visit their website.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    you should go rics!
    take a lot of pix ^^


  2. hoop says:

    Reminds me of when I was in the US for 3 months for work… I was so home sick that I would tag along on the most mundane of gimmiks/errands of friends… I tell them that I join them for the chance to speak in Filipino again… *snicker*


  3. sunjun, pupunta nga kame. post ko na lang yung pictures dun sa picture site ko. hehe.

    hoop, ang nangyayari nga ngayon, puro pinoy na kasama ko outside of work. parang nasa maynila lang din ako. hehe.


  4. SUN JUN says:

    puro pinoy na?
    that’s good pero sayang din … multicultural ka pa naman dati! hehehe ^^ wala ng koreans, canadians, and japanese? ^^
    hihihi i think you’re falling for
    that girl na parate mo kasama sa
    pictures. tama ba? ^^


  5. Patrick says:

    Hanapin natin si Rizal ( Click on Gallery->RizalInJapan ) 🙂


  6. sun jun, pag nasa loob ng office, multi-cultural pa rin ako (more than you can imagine) kaya siguro paglabas, ayoko nang magpaka-multicultural. at ikaw ha… mangi-intriga ka lang dito pa. hehe.

    patrick, talagang hahanapin talaga natin yan sa weekend at magpapa-picture tayo kasama si rizal. hehe.


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