13th Friday

Meet my Friday Group.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Oh what a thing to do…
    And it was all yellow…


  2. Patrick says:

    Yellow is all that persists when all the “blues” are casted away.


  3. uy… first comment ni jenny sa blogsite ko. hehe.

    pato… feeling poetic ka yata ngayon. hehe.


  4. babeth says:

    hiiiii…… from what part of the philippines ar you ??? just wondering becasue my mom is pangan…. just got interested with you since you are a pangan …. hehhehe anyway we are from cagayan de oro city ……. hope to hear from you …… God Bless


  5. Hi Babeth… like most Pangan’s, my Pangan is from Pampangga, my dad is KapamPANGAN. Pero sa Bulacan na ko lumaki at sayang, hindi na ko natutong mag-kapamPANGAN. Hehe. πŸ™‚


  6. SUN JUN says:

    uy! heaven ngayon si rico at nagcomment si jenny! yihah! ^^
    I can’t view the video ang bagal ng connection dito sa office!
    (d ako makarelate sa comment ni pato)

    pero, maybe it was made that way to discourage us from doing these
    kind of things during work. hihihi ^^


  7. sun jun, buti naman at yung blogger ay hindi pa rin banned sa office nyo. hehe.


  8. SUN JUN says:

    ang beta blogger banned na! pero selective ban lang … hindi ka maka create ng post o upload ng pics 😦


  9. wow!! nice video. cutie pics. seems u guys r really enjoying friday there. inggit ako. pretty tlga best friend bru ko khit preho n kming chubby cheeks, hahaha… miss you bru! keep on enjoying japan! woohooo…
    thumbs up rico (d tyo close, sorry. just want to leave a comment hope it’s ok) πŸ˜‰


  10. hello fallen angel, syempre ok lang, parang kilala kita… one and only bestpren ni jenny. hehe.


  11. babeth says:

    helloooooooo again…… thanks for the reply……. actually ligaw na pangan kami rito sa cagayan … nice dropping here at your site … kahit alien ako .. ahhahahah ……. im enjoying reading your writings n comments….. feel ko IM IN…. feeling lang hahahahha..great knowing you rico… right???


  12. babeth says:

    hi there……. thanks for the reply……kami ligaw lang kami here sa cagayan de oro… … nice dropping here at your blogsite… im enjoying reading your writings…… n great to know you ricp, right??? … God bless and Ingatzzz….


  13. Thanks Babeth for the comments. πŸ™‚


  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi, may i ask what’s the name of the song u used for the background of this video? It sound familiar. But i’ve been racking my brain and still can’t remember. Please help~~


  15. It’s “Yellow” By Coldplay. Hehe.


  16. Castele says:

    Oooh~~ Thanks a bunch^.^


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