Experiencing the Sony Timer

Yesterday, I got to experience the fabled Sony Timer first hand. My Sony Digital Camera (Cyber-shot T1) just stopped taking normal pictures.

At first, I thought it was just the person taking the picture not knowing how to use the camera. Then I started taking pictures myself and it still wasn’t good.

So, I thought maybe it just needed some rest. Maybe frost has built up inside the camera. Maybe it will be OK once the frost melts. But it didn’t. My pictures are starting to look more and more surreal.

So I gave up. Maybe it was a bad camera day. I told myself I’ll just check the camera again once I get indoors where the temperatures are controlled. But then, it got even worse.

This is hopeless. I’m ditching this camera and will just get me a new one. I guess the budget for my new phone this December just got reallocated. I’m still planning of getting a Sony and will give them another chance.

The Sony Timer worked as designed by the company. The product broke after warranty signaling it’s time to get the latest model.

Damn Sony.


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  1. Trick says:

    I guess the Sony Timer wasn’t existent back in 2001 kaya ok pa ang DSC-S85 ko (Nikko Trip Pix) even after 5 years. And dahil siguro sa mga katulad ko at kaya nila sinimulan ang Sony Timer hehehe.


  2. Oo nga Trick. The DSC-S50 I bought in 2000 still works perfectly, except I already gave it to my brother so it’s not right to take it back. Hehe.

    Also, your DSC-S85 still takes wonderful pictures. Must be because you have wonderful subjects. Hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    too bad rics! May timer na pala ang sony? haven’t heard about that. Why don’t you have your camera checked with sony first. baka may na misalign lang ^^ My P2 still works fine after 6 years and even after being attacked by killer ants! I tell you, there’s something inside the cam that attracts them. ^^ I have upgraded to a CANON EOS350D though ^^ hehehe Why don’t you try the SONY alpha ^^ kaso walang video kapag DSLR ^^


  4. Sun Jun, yesterday after I wrote this blog, I went to Bic Camera and got me the T10. Hindi makapagpigil. Hehe.

    Don’t feel like getting the SLR cameras, yet.


  5. sunjun says:

    that’s the one with the touch screen right? ^^

    One of my friends has one … I didn’t like the output color, it looked so fake. Maybe she just don’t know how to set it right pero i hope the same thing doesn’t happen to your cam ^^

    Right now I wanna try underwater photography! ^^


  6. sunjun says:

    …. does this mean we’d be expecting more pictures and stories from you? ^^ …


  7. nope. not the one with the touch screen… T50 yun. I didn’t like the one with the touch screen dahil you need both hands to control it… yung T10, kahit right hand lang, ok na. Hehe.


  8. sunjun says:

    hehehe ^^ my point ka ^^ that can come in handy specially when your traveling and have lots of handcarry bags o kaya pinbitbit ka ng girlfriend mo ng sangkatutak na grocey or/and shopping bags ^^


  9. offtopic: blog hopping lang po! care to ex links?


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