No Handkerchief

Just when I thought everybody in the world carries a handkerchief in their pockets, a Japanese friend told me he doesn’t, and most of his Japanese friends don’t, and I can only guess most of his friends’ friends don’t either.

Instead they carry tissue paper, like the ones you get for free in front of shops and train stations. Makes sense actually… less things to buy… less things to wash.

Six years in Japan and there’s still so much to learn.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    you can learn that even here in the phils.! hehehe ^^ (pinapauwi kana talaga ^^)

    some of them carry man din.

    I had the same impression. kasi sa elem and high school ko somehow I thought they required us to carry white handkerchief ^^ so naging habit ko na to carry one since then. hehehe

    lately though, hindi na rin ako nagdadala kasi nakakalimot na ^^
    kung meron lang sana namimigay nung mga tissue packs dito ^^


  2. gusto mo padala ko sa yo yung lahat ng nakukuha ko ditong tissue paper. hehe. naiipon lang hindi ko nagagamit. sayang. hehe.


  3. shiera says:

    buti nga sana may tissue… napapansin ko kasi na marami sa kanila umuubo and sneeze, (anong Tagalog word for sneeze? ^-^) without any attempt para takpan bunganga nila. Kaka-inis tuloy lalo na kung siksikan sa train.


  4. tagalog for sneeze is “bahing”. hehe.


  5. SUN JUN says:

    hanep sa tagalog! sige padala mo mga tissue! aabangan ko yun!

    samahan mo na rin ng mga pasalubong at regalo ko for christmas, new year, and birthday! ^6


  6. Hahaha! Happy Holidays to you, Stephen, and Happy Holidays to all my readers, both of you! 🙂


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