Switched to Ubuntu Linux

It’s that time of year when I get tired of looking at my Windows desktop and start exploring other operating systems. I’ve tried Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core before but one week is all it took for me to move back to Windows.

This time, I tried installing Ubuntu Linux. And surprise surprise, I’ve been using it as my main desktop for almost three weeks now. This is the longest so far and it seems that I’ll be using it for some more time.


This is Ubuntu using the Beryl Windows Manager. I use Gaim to connect to my instant messenger services and Mozilla Firefox to browse the web and check my internet mail. I realized that a good web browser and an instant messenger client are all I need for my home PC.

There are still problems like my unrecognized video camera and memory stick drive but other than that, I am very satisfied. The Beryl Windows Manager in particular is very impressive and is enough to impress my friends.

Windows Vista and Mac OS Leopard are coming out soon and when they do, I might reconsider moving to those operating systems but for the meantime, this Ubuntu Linux is going to be my default OS.

In fact, I am writing this blog using Mozilla Firefox in Ubuntu Linux.


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  1. Sim says:

    hi riks. nice ah.

    i have been thinking lately too about what OS to run my desktop.

    you remember that desktop cpu d i bought not so long ago not including an OS? well that was running w2k then, because at least i can get latest updates unlike wxp where i need to activate online in which i do not have an original license.

    that was acceptable, because w2k was clean/neat for me and besides it was running most of my needed apps and the “Parallels” virtual machine manager in w/c i have tried installing linuxes/solarisx86 inside but never really used that much.

    then maybe 2 and a half months ago, that OS crashed (data was in d: so a bit lucky). then was so tired trying to make it alive again, that Vista rc1 dvd caught me, so i gave it try once again. yeah it was slow, and the Windows Media Center got expired.

    now, although that desktop is still running the vista right now (maganda kasi wallpaper and GUI), soon its going to expire. vista is expensive. is it worth it?

    well, your point is right. browser and commmunication tools are pretty the essentials one is going to need.

    applications too are moving into browser-web-platforms.

    okay, should i go installing a Ubuntu too, it’s because a browser-based apps are like feeling-anywhere / feeling-independent / feeling-startup, open sources are like freedom-lovers / education / business supportive, vista-is-expensive / to-run-normally-needs-1.2GbRam,

    … and a filipino in tokyo runs his sony multimedia-class laptop in Ubuntu.

    hehe. okay2x classy ah.

    regards. sim


  2. Hahaha Sim. Mas mahaba pa yung comment mo kaysa blog post ko. Hehe.

    Actually, I’ve made it a point to minimize my dependence on anything OS-specific long before I switched to Ubuntu. All my mail, my bookmarks, my contacts, my notes, even my documents, are all web-based now.

    Makes it so much easier to switch operating systems. Hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    “All my mail, my bookmarks, my contacts, my notes, even my documents, are all web-based now.

    clever rico! grabe! you always think of everything (anything about gadgets and techie stuffs ^^ ) idol!

    Ako tinatamad magbasa about those stuffs so I rely on you to update me. hehehe ^^


  4. Hehe. Mostly google online products naman yung ginagamit ko eh. I just need to update myself with what’s happening at Google and I’ll be fine. 🙂


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