Unexcited About Vista

When Windows 3.1 was released, I crashed my scooter into a wall of barbed wires, because I was so excited to get home and have it installed to my 286. The excitement was pretty much the same when Windows 95, Windows 2000 and later on, Windows XP were released, of course, minus the barbed wires.

Today, Windows Vista was released but I wasn’t excited at all. I guess my newly installed Ubuntu Linux stole all the excitement I had for a new OS.

Normally, I judge an OS by the user-interface and indeed, Vista has the ultra-sleek Aero graphical user-interface, but my Beryl windows manager for Linux is equally sleek, if not better. Just search YouTube for “Beryl” and you’ll know what I mean. Unlike Aero, Beryl wouldn’t force me to upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware for it to do its 3D magic. It will run on most current machines.

Makes you wonder why Microsoft requires you to upgrade your machines to support that graphical user-interface when Beryl can already do it with less hardware requirements.

Another thing I look for in an OS is the ability to switch away from the dreaded Japanese user-interface, preferably to English. You can do this with a Mac and also with Linux. Vista simply is not as flexible as these other operating systems when it comes to changing the language of your user-interface. Vista will require you to get the Ultimate Edition (about 50,000 yen) to get this feature. Ubuntu is forever free and this feature is already built-in.

Security is another well-advertised feature of Vista but nobody writes viruses for Linux so this is the least of my worries.

Sooner when I upgrade my laptop, I might end up using Vista too, but for now, I’m happy with my dear Ubuntu.

Forever free (and ultra-sleek too).


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