"Prim and Proper"

We all know the meaning of the English phrase “prim and proper” but how many of us know the meaning of “prim”?

I needed a dictionary to get the meaning of that one.


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  1. kbrief says:

    hi, i’m a recent gmail user, and find it relatively user-friendly. but like you, i want to prevent email address that i no longer use from popping up in auto-fill and elsewhere. i read your correspondence in gmail help, and i’m wondering if you have found a solution. and, while i’m writing, are you aware of any google plans to convert or add folders instead of/or in addition to the awful label system? thanks, enjoyed reading your blog, esp. about linux. –kbrief@gmail.com


  2. hi kbrief. i almost forgot all about those threads i wrote in the gmail newsgroups but sorry, i didn’t really find the answers to those questions… and i actually do like the label system. 🙂


  3. SUN JUN says:

    belated happy birthday enrico!

    nice avatars ^^


  4. thanks sun jun! malapit na ngang matapos ang winter, am already thinking of what to do for my next avatar.


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