Blaming the Theory of Relativity

When a student fails in school, do you blame the student or do you blame the teacher?

The teacher might blame the student for not studying well enough to pass, but the student can also blame the teacher for failing to motivate him well enough. Conversely, the student can also blame himself for not studying well enough just as the teacher can blame himself for not motivating his students well enough.

In this post-Einstein era where the Theory of Relativity doesn’t only apply to the world of Physics, it is very hard to determine who is wrong in a given situation. If everybody were fighting for what is right, everybody would be on the same side and there will be no fighting in the first place.

The most logical approach I can think of would be to blame both sides but if we all do that, we will all end up getting nowhere. Nobody wins and nobody loses. Our human appetite for victory will never be satisfied.

Oh my, I’m guilty of thinking too much. You can blame my friend from Kagoshima because our chat last night inspired me to write this blog entry.


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  1. hoop says:

    One of those chicken-and-egg thingy’s that will get your mind rattling *snicker*


  2. True. It’s a good thing I realized that after writing the 4th paragraph or else, I could have gone on forever. Hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    ohisashiburi no entry like this … naintindihan mo ba? hehehenakakamiss yung mga articles mo about religion and stuff before. hihihiang sa akin lang … if it’s within your circle of influence then there’s nobody to blame but yourself ^^(kibishii ne!) (and doesn’t always apply din. hahaha ^^ binawi agad e noh)


  4. don’t worry sunjun, i will be writing more of these “religion and stuff” articles. i kinda miss writing those stuff too. hehe.


  5. Torbik says:

    religion and stuff? oh. don’t start. hehe. but seriously… [groan]


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