Wasted Saturday on 4400

I just finished the whole third season of the 4400 television series and now I know why I shouldn’t even be starting the first episode of the first series of any of these series in the first place.

They can be so addictive!!! So addictive to the point that for Season 3, I started when the sun has just risen and ended long after it set. Now I feel like I wasted my whole Saturday.

I’m just glad Season 4 will not start until mid-2007. I’ll have enough time to rehabilitate.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    ayan kasi!have you seen the jap series nodame no cantabire? It’s really nice! especially if you love classical music ^^try prison break, house, and grey’s anatomy too ^^


  2. hwag mo kong i-temp! maka ang mangyari sa kin buong weekend nasa bahay na lang ako nanunuod ng tv series! heheheh.considering how addictive these series are… not exactly a bad idea. hehe.


  3. SUN JUN says:

    and for the same reason i didn’t watch them for a while also … but then again, you can always schedule properly ^^ like late nights nalang … kaso work mo naman ang mag suffer. hehehe especially if you need to wake up early ^^


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