On The Road To Recovery

A week ago, I went snowboarding in Nozawa-onsen, Nagano then shit happened.


I fell on my back and apparently, my right elbow wasn’t strong enough to support all seventy-five kilos of me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it had to happen on a Saturday so I had to spend the whole Sunday wandering around the small town knowing all my other friends are up the mountain enjoying the snow.

Today was my third visit to the doctor after that incident. He said it was OK to remove the cast but I still need to keep the sling for at least another three weeks.

Three weeks!

That means all my wonderful tennis plans for March and early April have to be canceled. That means I may have to get more than my regular dosage of calcium. That means my left arm has to learn everything my right arm has specialized in doing for the past what 30 years already!

Oh well. At least after this, I might end up being ambidextrous, which may not be a bad idea after all.

I can already use chopsticks using my left hand.


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  1. hoop says:

    Get well soon Rico… can I have your wii for a spell? *kidding*


  2. MeemaX says:

    ang drama ng pics rico.don’t worry gagaling ka rin sooner than you think hehehe.. tapos snowboarding ulit! =)


  3. SUN JUN says:

    get well soon Enrico! practice playing tennis with your wii nalang muna hehe ^^that’s why i don’t like winter sports! ^^


  4. Thanks guys… I hope nga gumaling na too sooner. Pagod na pagod na left arm ko sa paggawa ng mga stuff na hindi nya usually ginagawa. Hehe.


  5. SUN JUN says:

    bakit may tawa na pa snicker sa huli? … may na discover ka na kayang gawin din ng left hand mo noh! hahaha ^^


  6. shiera says:

    artistahin ka pala rico! ^-^get well soon….


  7. hahaha. thanks. two weeks after the incident, medyo gumagaling na yung right arm ko. sana by next week, back to normal na.


  8. grace says:

    that’s why I could never love skiing!! almost broke my back 11 years ago..rico, facial expression: priceless!lol


  9. rotfl! syempre peke yang facial expression na yan. pang-picture lang. hehe.


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