Anti-Global Warming No More

When has a documentary last challenged the way you see things and made you see the world in a totally different light after watching it? For me it was today.

This morning, I watched “The Great Global Warming Swindle” on Google Video and almost immediately, I threw all my Anti-Global Warming sentiments into the trash bin. The documentary challenges the general notion that human industrialization is causing global warming.

It challenges the idea that recent increases in global temperatures are caused by excessive emissions of carbon dioxide by our factories and automobiles. It challenges the very basic assumptions of the Kyoto Protocol, whose ultimate goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by signatory nations.

More people should watch this.


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  1. SUN JUN says:

    d pwede yang ganyan ka habang videos sa office namin! heheso wala ba talaga kinalaman ang mga factories sa global warming? ^^even if the climate is changing, i think we should still do our share in conserving/preserving the environment ^^


  2. of course, i’m all for conserving/preserving the environment pa rin. ang nawala lang sa kin ay yung paniniwalang it’s man-made carbon-dioxide that’s causing global warming.


  3. Sim says:

    sabi solar activity is causing the climate changes. not CO2.sabi this belief of GW has evolve into a strong force tale. human agendas.sabi the theme of conserving / preserving environment shouldn’t be use to mean not allowing developing regions like Africa to develop.sabi this is all about personal human vested interests – not what is really needed – honest humanity interest.


  4. sim says:

    and one more, sabi there is no dramatic / apocalyptic flooding / icing — near goes to where thriller is is for those that creates interesting stories.this is one common way to make business / money.


  5. thanks sim for the summary for those who can’t see the video from their office (namely, sun jun). hehe.


  6. sim says:

    hehe. oo nga pala cool yung nangyari sa iyo rik. biro lang. pagaling.


  7. SUN JUN says:

    hehe ^^ thanks for the summary! ^^have you heard about the documentary “an inconvenient truth”? (Al gore)haven’t seen it pa. will try to watch it tonight. and post another comment sometime soon. hehe


  8. sun jun, first you watch the movie “Inconvenient Truth”, then you watch this documentary. The documentary is a rebuttal to the “facts” presented in the movie.I’ll be waiting for you response. Hehe.


  9. SUN JUN says:

    Talaga? can’t wait to see it.may point naman sinasabi dun sa inconvenient truth e. hindi mo naman siguro ma dispute that man is contributing to the change…. so dapat mag conserve pa rin. kahit pa kung sinabi nya na ang major cause is not man-made ^^


  10. hoop says:

    Here’s a rebuttal to this movie: Professor Wunsch from the movie was saying that he was misquoted


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