PASMO: Hello and Goodbye

A few weeks ago, I got me a Pasmo card only because Hibiya line does not support commuter passes from Suica. My Suica stayed in my phone while my Pasmo card stayed in my wallet.

All was well until my Bic Camera Suica card came and I needed a place to put it. I cannot put my Bic Camera Suica card in my wallet because it will conflict with my Pasmo card, i.e. I would need to remove it from my wallet every time I enter the subway gates which defeats the purpose of having a contactless card in the first place.

I think I can set it up for my phone but to do that, I may have to get rid of the Suica that’s already there. Actually, am not sure about that I may have to consult with Bic Camera.

Anyways, after a few simple calculations, I decided to get rid of my Pasmo card and just use Suica exclusively. That may mean I can’t make free stops to Ginza and Hibiya on the way home or get free visits to Roppongi during weekends. Then again, I can live with that.

My bicycle can take me to Ginza/Hibiya anytime for free anyways. Plus I get the much needed exercise.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. SUN JUN says:

    Put it in your poketto ^^or pwede ring sa necktie mo ikabit! hehe


  2. Nyak! I went to Bic Camera today and discovered it’s possible to link your phone to your point card. Therefore, I don’t need to bring my Bic Camera Suica Card with me all the time.Parang ang laki ng problema ko no. Hehe


  3. SUN JUN says:

    ayan kasi d muna nagtatanong! heheei! you should watch “an inconvenient truth!”


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